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What is with the Toilet Paper?

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What is with the Toilet Paper?

Suddenly, out of the blue, Americans, in general, have become obsessed with Toilet Paper and Booze. Coronavirus or COVID 19 has become a topic, and fear now placed in the minds of everyone and not just Americans.

If you have been heading to the warehouse markets, grocery, and even your preferred drug store, you will find a scene. Apocalyptic type. Food has been disappearing off the shelves, water, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and yes, toilet paper. Gone!

What in blazes is all the toilet paper about? Yeah, cheaper than face tissue, but really folks. By the caseloads!  Let some of us have toilet paper too. What are you going to do with all the pasta noodles and rice? Come on. It’s a flu-like bug that attacks your chest mostly, so it’s a virus that will go after your lungs.
Corona is a hazardous virus for almost everyone in the country and all countries.

What is so special about bottled water? Folks you’re going out the door with bottles and bottles and flat after flat of water. Leave some for others. It’s not a hurricane! Your water isn’t being infected. You can boil tap water and let it cool too.

Hand Sanitizer. Bottles and bottles have flown off the shelf along with face masks. Now there is a shortage for the people who need things like the medical department at your hospitals. You can make your own. Here is a recipe (https://bloggingbee.com/how-to-hand-surface-sanitizer-on-the-cheap/ ).
Paper towels and toilet paper. Dear heavens!

Why have I written this post? I went to the store the other day. I found in the aisle that had my frozen breakfasts the Toilet Paper and Paper Towels usually sit was completely empty. Later, as I made my way to the check out I found out that a gentleman in his sixties was unable to get a few staples like toilet paper because he didn’t have a way to get to the store sooner.

You have left your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, and/or grandparent without toilet paper, canned goods, and eggs.

This is not a time when we should become hoarders, instigators, vermin, and lastly, bullies. We can get through this. If you get sick, if you have issues like diabetes, lung issues like asthma, you’re going to most likely go to the hospital. It’s that simple. What is going to happen with all that stuff you just bought while you are in the hospital? Nothing. It’s not going to be used by someone who needed it. If your lucky, you will just be in quarantine.
Just don’t be a brat, a brute, or just pissy. Grab a few things like you used to do before Coronavirus. Check your elderly neighbors to see if they need help. This is all of us.

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