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What Body are You? The Bear Man

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Hairy Men, Big Bellies, Hairy beyond belief and Testosterone levels beyond belief…Gurr!

So what is a bear?  A bear is a Hairy Man. Slightly hairy men. In basic terms, if you have hair on the Back, Shoulders, Legs, and not necessarily on the top of one’s head (you can be a bald-headed bear), you can be considered a bear. Slimmer dudes with hair are known as Otters.  During the summer months, your either too embarrassed to take your shirt off because of all the hair you have. You find most of your hair in your bed, or on your shirts because of the shedding. You feel like you describing a dog. No no. Dog, I’m talking about the human male. You are a bear.

The Macho, Masculine, Bold, and Brave. These are some of the descriptions we get on what a man is supposed to be. In media, we get that a dream boatman is hairless, chiseled chest, full head of hair, and a bit of swagger. Be damned. Not all men are created equal and have the metabolism to allow for the flat abs. No wonder there so bitchy! They’re hungry. Eat something.

Bear men come in a lot of big burly shapes, but also on the short side too. Ethnicities too. Middle Eastern men are notoriously hairy. Mediterranean men are not all hairy but some can be both hairy and bearish. Latin American men and Aftican-American men can be hairy and be bearish as well.

The media has created a strange farce about what a hunk, a good man should be even for gay men let alone the hetero male. I briefly mentioned the hairless, chiseled chested ideal man above that Hollywood and Advertisers throw at us. The normal man out in the world has a fair amount of body hair or a lot of it. Some of us are gifted with slim bodies and the rest of us still have baby fat even in our late 40’s and beyond.

As a hairy, bald and overweight male in my 40’s I get it. I hated being overweight. I dieted and I hated my hairy body. I wore t-shirts in the swimming pool because I was embarrassed about it. It’s taken 30 years to get over it. Be me and brave enough to say “Fuck It”.



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