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Unidentified Objects and Life Forms (Article Sample)

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**This is a sample article **


Unidentified In the Woods

A few weeks ago, back on an unusually warm June evening, I was walking my dog, Jake. He’s a small overweight chihuahua. The outdoor space isn’t too far from the house, so we walked to the area. It only takes about an hour to do the full path. The funny thing was there was no one around. It was 5 PM, Not a car, bike or even another animal I can think of seeing, or you would think would be out on an evening like this.

Jake and I entered the walking path that we had done so many times before. This is a county-run area. So no lights. It’s still light enough that I didn’t bring a flashlight with me. Just bags for Jake and a water bottle. Wasn’t planning a long trip. Jake is sniffing around as usual. It’s a little cooler under the canopy of the trees and foliage. A short break from the heat.

The air was a bit cooler here in the path all the time. Jake kept his sniffing and going back and forth, finding new smells and the occasional “pit stop.” For being a chihuahua, Jake isn’t that nervous as usual for the breed. He and I both began to pick up on something indescribable, and that was unusual for him and me.

In the short distance from us, there looked to be a figure or what I can only describe a male. I called out “hey, how’s the evening for you”? I know that would sound weird, but it’s a pretty friendly area to be in. There was no answer from the figure. He or it, the silhouette just seemed to meld into the foliage. I started to get nervous, chilled, in fact, at this point. I looked down to Jake, the hair on his back was slightly raised. That’s not the norm for him. I looked back down the path. Alone we are. The pathway almost looked darker than I remember. I thought to myself, “well, this isn’t good.”

In the brief moment I had looked behind us, Jake came off his leash. He didn’t want to be here anymore. How did I not feel his tug, I thought. Okay, I need to get this dog and leave this place now. He ran further into the wooded area. The silhouetted figure was there earlier. Why now go after something or someone? Dang, it.

I started to run after him and calling his name: Jake! Jake! Come here. I could see him down the path now. He had finally stopped, but I still don’t know what he’s barking at and got his attention. I finally got close enough to him to get the leash back on. I turned to look in the direction of where he had stopped to bark. Clearly, I must have been dreaming. It was an object of a small proportion. It gleamed like a shiny diamond. It was a crafty looking spacecraft. In the few seconds that I thought I was staring and admiring this craft, Jake had finally kicked me enough to jolt me back to reality.

The realization I was looking at something from outer space was exciting and scary all at the same time. I hadn’t realized it, but, in my time away from my mesmerized state of reality, I felt as though I had slept walk towards this craft. I had actually gotten closer. Why, did I get closer? I don’t want to be closer. I want to go home.

The craft had started to hover, no sound, no air movements, nothing but complete stillness. It lifted up and out of the canopy of the trees to where my eyes just followed it. It was gone. Jake and I headed home. I so wished I could talk to my dog about this experience. Now I know something happened, it’s a quarter to 10 now.

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