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The Scandals of D.C. and Jeffrey Epstein

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The Scandals Continue in D.C. and the Jeffrey Epstein
Sex, Drugs, Rape, and potential pedophilia are in the works. Just what America needs? More congressional and other politicians entangled in a wicked web of lies and intrigue. There’s nothing even close to resembling intriguing about any of the activities.
America and the rest of the world are dealing with a pandemic.
There’s a road that leads to private islands and a dead man. It sounds like a book or a movie plot. Still, sadly it’s all being connected to the select few who are supposed to be representative of the United States.
American Financier, the late Jeffrey Epstein, died in Jail while awaiting trial by Suicide as ruled by the New York City medical examiner. His death had now been linked to conspiracy theories since his death in 2019. Mr. Epstein previously had been convicted of being a sex offender and served 13 months in the Palm Beach County jail. He was in a pretty high-profile social circle; his former associations included; Former President Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew and current President Donald Trump.
On July 1, 2020, his longtime associate and ex-girlfriend British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested on charges related to Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.
President Trump’s son has a not so flattering history of spreading conspiracy theories and smear attacks on opponents of his father, the president. The included messages are primarily the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory movement. This group believes that there are Top Democrats and Hollywood stars secretly manipulating world events and child molesters.
So, now how is this going to hit Washington our thinking? The new girl on the scene, Ms. Maxwell, reportedly has a little black book of names and numbers. Ms. Maxwell was in the company of the late Mr. Epstein.
President Trump and British Prince Andrew have both said that they don’t know Mr. Epstein. Cameras don’t lie. Mr. Trump and Prince Andrew reportedly appear in either pictures or videos.
So who else is involved? In the world of socialites, it’s anyone’s guess who can more be involved. U.S. Congressmen. Kings and other financially well off individuals.
According to reported records, in 1998, Jeffrey Epstein purchased a 75-acre island in the U.S. Virgin Islands for $ 7.95 million. The island, called Little St. James, has now become known as the site of some of his Mr. Epstein’s crimes. The island became the nightmare in paradise for the many victims endured this trip to the island known as Little St. James, along with Epstein and his ex-girlfriend (and alleged Madam) Ghislane Maxwell.
Since his death, the island has become a tourist attraction in the region, hoping to catch a glimpse of its lavish structures. Even though he had other properties, Mr. Epstein’s activities on the island of Little St. James, it’s the one that stands out the most. The island is located two miles off the coast of St. Thomas.
Locals in the region have some nicknames for Little Saint James: “Orgy Island,” “Pedophile Island,” and “Island of Sin.” But, Epstein preferred to call his primary residence “Little Saint Jeff,” because it’s where he “reined” king of nightmares.

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