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The Man’s Man or Woman

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It’s the Man’s Man or Woman world?

Ever hear of the saying “he’s a man’s man”?. What is a man’s man you may be asking yourself? A man’s man is described as being brave, determined, skilled, and rugged chaps who show true loyalty to their friends and, in most cases, honest. The quiet hero, confident yet humble, who you could depend on when the chips were down, is the broad definition of the man’s man.
Writers like Louis Lamour were able to create male characters that personified the characteristics of the man’s man.
This type of manly characteristic is one any man would admire and want to be like. They are also the type of men most women would wish for in a husband or father of their children. Any inlaw would want for a son in law. In most cases, men who are in this category of courage would be known by their reputations and accomplishments in the community. Community members in the city would refer to this person as someone all people should emulate and grow up to be like. Male or Female, because “That fella is a man’s man.”

I’m curious to ask, but am I wrong, or have we lost our man’s men? These individuals have become harder to come by. There have been great sacrifices being made by our military troops every day. We have excellent sports examples, but being excellent or should I say gifted in athletics is not what I’m talking about. You shouldn’t have to be paid millions of dollars does it qualify you as a man’s man. It’s how you handle your successes and losses. How you use your influence and the financial rewards to benefit society.

Pro Golfer Tiger Woods would probably be disqualified at this point in his life. Still, the redemption of admission to his mistakes on his part may get him back in the good again as a man’s man.
The young people today do not seem to understand the gravity of what is expected of them by society. Confusion for the ones trying to understand what they want from life. Most young people today are totally preoccupied with their own circumstances with a lack of direction. Many of these people are now in their thirties, basically lost and confused.

Of course, under no specific terms can not say young people are all the same, but what is of concern is the lack of life skills. Conversations tend to be all about them, they are above any menial job, they want to start in management, no pressure to try and help someone else, and have no sense of responsibilities when it comes to paying their own way of doing their own fair share. Obligations and work ethics seem to have been lost with many of these young men and women.

Again not to say all young men/women are like this. I do feel too many of the young men and women of today seem to have these commonalities. This article is to hopefully give some guidance and probably a path. If they are male or female, they may want to be one someday. Here are a few basic man’s man guidelines.

1. A man’s man always works for his/her living. He/she will work at any job until a better suitable employment becomes available.

2. Understands any success he/she has in this life will be due to his or her own efforts. Shows and appreciates you only get to the top of any field or endeavor by starting at the bottom. He/she also understands that to stay at the top, you will need the knowledge and skills gained along the way.

3. A man’s man always never takes advantage of a friend or workmate. He/she always strives to do more than his/her share of the work.

4. Always does the best he/she can at any task he sets out to do and persists until the goal is completed. He/she is not a quitter.

5. Does not steal, lie, create drama to benefit one’s own.

6. Not intimidated by adversity but confronts it head-on in a reasonable manner looking for a solution to the problem. He/she never shirks his duties, and he never asks anyone to do something he would not do himself.

These are just a few rules for any young man or woman to be considered a man’s man. This article is just only in my own opinion. I am far from being a man’s man expert and the perfect man. I did not want to offend anyone by exclusion based on gender. Women have evolved into a new role as a single mom raising a son or sexual identity. Still, perhaps there is some way this article will reach someone who could benefit from reading this.

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