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The In and Un of the Impeachment of Trump

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President Donald J Trump is still President of the United States, Acquitted by the Senate of Congress, but “Impeached” by the House of Representatives. Immediately, you think to yourself “how does one get away with what is deemed illegal or even out of character for the highest office of the United States Government and most revered?”.

The democratic way of doing an Impeachment is to have a trial. Of course, there was one held, but it was not a respectable one.  Republican Senators had already made there mind up of “Acquitting” before the trial even started. Mr. Trump is also a Republican. So, this appears a quid pro quo from the get-go. Right? I’m a Republican President and you are a Republican Senator, so make sure we don’t look stupid and Acquit me ASAP.

The Democratic Party had a good flock of witnesses and an apparent Whistleblower who had initially warned of what had transpired. The presentation was full-on and impeccable. Arguments and cross-examinations were flawless and understandable.

Republicans, not so much. Argued the arguments. Unclear of what points they were making or trying to get to.  Where they even listening to the same arguments as the people who were live in the room and watching it on tv?  It became a total head-scratcher. What are the Republicans doing?  It didn’t take long for the Republican Senators to basically say “we plan to Acquit the President no matter what”.

In the tale end of things, this is exactly as they had decided and knew they had the votes to do. Acquit the President of the deals of withholding money needed from a foreign country for exchange information of a political foe (the Bidens) here on US soil. The problem with the whole thing is not just the withholding of funds is not what the United States does, but Joe Biden was not running for office at that time. He was a private person and his son as well.

Anyways, this was not a trial that would go well or unnoticed by anyone in the United States. To have the jury say “Acquit” before getting to hear testimony would be awesome for all the bad guys out there. It just doesn’t and shouldn’t have happened the way it did. It surely sends a signal of horrible things to come.

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