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The End of Bitter Instant Coffee

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The End of Bitter Instant Coffee

The end of icky, not so great tasting coffee from those crystals that your grandmother-father used to use for their coffee ritual. Most people take instant crystals on camping trips. A few heaping teaspoonfuls of crystals in a cup of hot water and stirring while adding your creamer and sugar. Am I right? Oh, how have we been getting this so wrong you may ask;

The problem lies with the substance known as Amylum. The following is a few tips on how to improve this oldie but a goodie staple for the on the go, and the great outdoors.

1.    First, COLD WATER!

This is the most common complaint with Instant Coffee is that bitter, sour taste. Some love this flavor, but if you don’t, this hack will help to smoothen the bitter taste. Add some cold water to the coffee granules and gently stir before adding the hot water. The end game is that the cold waterworks on the sharp sour flavor giving the coffee a smoother taste.

The coffee granules contain a substance known as amylum. When hot water is introduced to the instant coffee, the amylum hardens thereby creating a powdery taste and consistency. The cold water, however, allows the granules to dissolve more gently without the hardening of amylum occurring. This way, you get an almost perfect cup of coffee that keeps you asking for more. Bitter be gone!


Adding instant coffee to boiled water creates a significant adverse effect on the taste of the coffee. The water should be freshly boiled. See Step 1 first before adding the hot water.  Don’t add the hot water until the crystals have dissolved first. I tried this method and if you add the hot to fast you get a not bitter, but not pleasant cup of coffee. Most people usually have their kettles on standby filled with water at the highest level mark.

Consequently, they end up boiling already boiled water. Each time you boil your water, the oxygen escapes thus impacting the taste. You should therefore always draw fresh tap water and boil it on demand. The best coffee taste is achieved when the water used hasn’t quite yet reached the boiling point. Hot but not boiling. You don’t want to be burning your tongue or mouth.

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