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The American Crisis of the Gun

Last updated on September 15, 2019

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The American Crisis of the Gun

Over the past couple of years, the United States has had a generally large amount of active shooter incidents. All have the same issue. Semi-automatic weapons and a fair amount of dead and casualties, and finally excessive Media coverage. These events have never happened before in the United States recent history. It seemed to have started in Las Vegas. Now in most recently in Odessa Texas. What is going on here? Why now? What should and could have done? These are questions that no one person politically or privately has the answers to without some mentions of the amendments.

“The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

That text has sparked several debates politically locally and nationally. Fistfights have been sparked at rallies across the country. The emotions of American’s rights and privileges have been running rampant. It is said that it started when former President Obama was in office. The right to own guns was brought up. It was never mentioned by that Administration that they would take away rights altogether; people with mental instability shouldn’t have access to firearms or other weapons. That was the overall goal and was grandstanded by members of congress “You want to take away our guns!” The Obama administration wanted to work on this after two school shootings. The one fear seems to be unaddressed is those law-abiding people who are in locals with wild animals (bears and wildcats), and crime-riddled would be without protection due to their diagnosis of even the faint hint of diminished mental capacities. Meaning wrong and right. Not having a college degree, high school diploma, or just grade school education could get your gun taken away. This just isn’t the case. The same ideology from a rehash of media outtakes put the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the same arena: “You want to take away our guns!”.
It has long been noted in our history that America was won with the gun from the British empire two hundred plus years ago. There are so many arguments about why we need a gun in the home. These have included personal, and property protection, hunting, and just for a good laugh (collections) advocates alike. Where is the need for high powered rifles like AK-47’s that mostly are used in firefights in the battlefields? There hasn’t been no right answer as to why private citizens need such weaponry. The majority of the people who get in front of media cameras or hide behind the radio mikes in interviews will just say, “we have the right to bear arms.”
Even in all the political strife in the US, whether it be at the border with Mexico or any other outside force, there is no current battlefield on US soil. No one else except private US citizens is pointing assault weapons at other US citizens. The issues keep coming up over and over again through the lens and mikes of the media from ordinary people alike; “Protect my family and me from these intruders.”, or “I just want to be ready.” and finally “Opioids are going to get me.”. First of all, Opioids come from your pharmacy prescribed by your doctor. The pill isn’t holding a pistol to put it in your mouth. So, if by chance you’re believing that you shouldn’t be owning a gun.

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