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Star Trek Discovery (Season 3)

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When I wrote this blog post, the Coronavirus outbreak is still going on in the world. The “world.” It’s a new world more than anything. Masks and gloves. Star Trek Discovery has not been able to warp or use the mycelial network; it’s way back to our screens again due to social distancing and work from home setups.
ST Discovery is set 900 years in the future. They had to go that far to escape an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that wanted to evolve and do away with humanoids.

If you have watched Season Two, you would be in the full loop as to what is happening or happened to require time travel. At this stage, with what is happening in the “real world” as opposed to the fantasy of science fiction, time travel is a luxury.

Michael Burnam, Saru, Tilly, Dr. Culber, Stamets, Georgiou, and Reno took the plunge to the unknown to them and the entire Star Trek franchise-Canon. Canon, that word comes up a lot. What exactly is this canon? It’s what is believed by Trekkies, what creator Gene Roddenberry had envisioned or had written in previous scripts from when he was alive.

I am going on a short, very short limb here. It’s in my personal opinion that the late Gene Roddenberry gave the green light on exploration. Exploration comes in different forms in the art of science fiction like Trek.
I’m not speaking of the diversity like a woman of color as a lead actress (Michael Burnam; Sonequa Martin-Green). A female as captain of a ship (Janeway, ST Voyager; Kate Mulgrew). This canon that everyone screams of on how no one ever heard of USS Discovery or anything of its existence. A mutineer ever mentioned. It may have never crossed Roddenberry’s mind even to write this in. It’s still Star Trek.
Star Trek has always explored galaxies and developed our imaginations in so many incarnations of the franchise. Imagine all the species that would be welcomed to live on Earth and humans on theirs. There are always conflicts that are in need to be resolved.

The Discovery episodes are in the long-form style of storytelling. The episodic form has always been the norm for Trekkies. Except for ST Deep Space Nine, who used long-form storytelling (a continuation of the previous episode). In this long-form, we get to know characters better. The backstories are fluid, and relationships are more grounded and polished.

Since there is isn’t much else to go on for the coming season. However, we do learn that the federation is in a bit of a jam now. The crew has to correct some wrongs. So, in Star Trek, fashion, one can only imagine what is to come.

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