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Pete Buttigieg: In hiding while running for President

Last updated on March 1, 2020

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Pete Buttigieg: Former Mayor of the Indiana town of South Bend

I was just reading an article that I find hard to believe but don’t find it hard to believe. Let me explain myself. The #Petesnotgay and Pete Buttigieg is actually a straight man in the body of a gay man who is running for the Presidency of the United States is absurd and not logical.

Being an openly gay man running for the highest office in the United States is a thought that takes careful consideration. Your past remarks, lover’s and bad deals come to the surface. You are scrutinized by the Media and other politicians of every inch and to what makes you; You.

Mr. Buttigieg has made in the past and very open about that he made these remarks about when he was younger and still fighting with himself of his sexuality; the desire to end his not yet explored sexuality. This is normal and not new. We still live in a society that has no remorse for making people who have “come out” be more excepted. There have been strides; like same-sex marriage. Young people still have a long way to go.

Mr. Pete has insights as well as his partner, Chasten Buttigieg, @Chas10Buttigieg. These two gay men are happily in a relationship and successful. They represent all that is good that can come out of “coming out” and living your authentic self in the current state of affairs in the United States.

Young people still live at home and in some states and counties the home life isn’t excepting of change or at the very least a “coming out story”.  We are country (the United States) that is surrounded by religions like a Starbucks at every corner with Pasters, Clergy, and others telling you at a young age (the most impressionable) that “if you do this-or-that you’re going to go to hell!”.  Then there are the bullies and bullish. I bring to that “What’s wrong? You don’t like girls? or Are you a sissy-boy?”. The pressure to lose one’s virginity to a girl to expel what the bullies think of you to ultimately stop the harassment.

So what is this hashtag of Pete and the online bull hockey of him wanting to be straight and or pretending to be straight? Some people find their authenticity later in life. Some later; while some don’t and go suicidal. When it comes to losing someone’s family and friends lose out; we all lose out because we all bring something to the table; music, art, and others. We should be thanking Pete for being his authentic self now. It’s about now; right now.  If this was a ploy for publicity, I think most of the LGBTQ community would be throwing stuff at his head on the campaign trail. Not happening, except for some with voter remorse; finding out he’s gay. Oops! to late.

So, attention to all those who fear Pete from Indiana. He’s out of the closet, he’s happy with his life, now thankful for what he waited for in a partner and didn’t take the (non-existent) pill. Leave his reasonings for delaying his “coming out” and “acceptance of himself”‘ to Mr. Buttigieg. It’s his truth. Peace. Out.



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