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Not a Political Person

Last updated on November 20, 2019

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Not a Political Person; Why Should I care

If I have to say it once or twice, I’ll repeat it, “I’m Not a Political Person.” So says you if you have a pulse and a feeling. In the last couple of days, we have seen our American politicians at their most excellent and the very worst. People on social media and within the political world are wondering, “what happened to the country over party mantra?” The Republicans listening to witness testimony about what the President of the United States “said” or “asked for” should make anyone stand up and say “No way.”

In the last few days, we hear the mentioning of a former president. What about Obama? He’s not the President anymore. The current seated President is allegedly asking favors of a foreign country leader to do a personal favor. So you say you’re not a political person. In a roundabout way, we are all political. If you don’t like this law, change it or vote for it, you find something is right or wrong, and you demand change; you too can vote for the difference. That is the heartbeat of being a political person or an advocate of reform.

When you do, you have to say, “whoa!”? First, when the leader of the free world is asking another leader to start investigating not just a political foe, but at the time a private individual, namely Joe Biden, the former vice-president under Obama. Second, attacks professional, career politicians like ambassadors to countries that don’t like the United States. These are the very same people bid for the well-being of all Americans. Third, gives a pat on the back, support, and praise to these same leaders who commit and support genocide, starvation of children and adult populations, and crimes of other hate regularly. He back talks, talk downs, accuses, re-iterates, and combats with the very people who work for him in the White House. The DOJ, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and the American People as well.

In the last couple of days, your left to wonder what is going on in Washington DC. You should have noticed there is a problem — corruption, Witness Tempering, and Lies that keep compounding. Personal favors are a reasonable thing to ask of others, for instance. For example, “can you watch my kids while we go out to dinner,” “Can you lend me some money until payday”; all are a personal favor.

Investigating a former Vice President who was a private citizen at the time of the question is an abuse of the powers of the Office of President of the United States. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate Joe Biden or Fmr. President Obama, requesting an investigation into his family or him, is attacking a private citizen and a political foe.

The United States has never encountered such a decisive and orchestrated attack from an American President. We The People appear to don’t quite know what to say. Shock and awe? I think of it. First, we did have that shock and awe look on our faces and in the voices.

Now, we are in Fight mode. Most would say Fight or Flight. Fleeing this gets the United States nowhere, and the advocates aren’t surrendering. The fight is now in play in the front of Congress and the eyes of the people. If you said, you are not a political person. Still, you don’t find what your hearing and seeing honest, useful for you or your loved ones instead of being a political person; be an advocate. Go and Vote.



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