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Men: Boxer or Brief?

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Men’s Underwear: Boxer or Briefs?

Underwear is the not so glamorous garment that one thinks about what looks good when your only concern is comfort. Men have comfort needs when it comes to underwear. It’s rude and downright embarrassing when your picking at your crotch or buttocks to relieve the binding created by uncomfortable underwear. What should one do when there are a plethora of varied options for men to this garment for men. Two of the most popular undies for men today are boxers shorts and briefs. When choosing which one to wear, paying heavy consideration especially to comfort is most important. Here are the differences: The fashionable Brief or “Tighty Whites”; they are tight-fitting, contouring to the body to keep everything in place. Briefs are widely popular among the athletic crowd. Wear them after work to the gym; when done, just slip on a clean pair when heading home “after the shower”. Briefs are usually best when often putting on tight-fitting jeans; Boxers tend to “ride up” or “bunch up” making for an uncomfortable feeling. For the more fashion-conscious male, there are skimpier briefs that go further down top of the side from the thighs. When it comes to your selection of materials they run the gambit; such as polyester, silk, and cotton.

However, the other player is the Boxer.  Boxer briefs have been utilized since the 1940s and are well-loved for their capability to allow users free motion. Characteristics of this type of underwear are that they have a loose fit. The lower “privates” area is loose and incredibly comfortable, instead of the tight-fitting brief cousins. Boxers tend to also have an “open” fly in the front. Boxer underwear gained popularity due to a conventional thought that the boxer would allow freedom for genitals to be less susceptible to fertility issues.

This sort of undergarment for men comes in a lot of colors to choose from, and may even have commercialized designs imprinted on them, to basic dark or pastel colors.

Boxers or Briefs are the two most common underwear for men; you might choose one or the other depending on your own preference.

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