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Korean Englishman Channel a Review

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Korean Englishman channel in Review

See the YouTube review (Jolly). While JOLLY is a mix of mukbang (eating broadcasts), reactions, mail/box opening, vlogging, and insect taste-testing channels. Korean Englishman is a little different.

Korean Englishman (영국남자) the YouTube channel created by Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal. The channel is subtitled content in Korean and English to describe the reactions of British and Americans to the culture and foods of Koreans. Most of the channel viewers are Korean, but an increasing number of other European and American viewers.

The channel started out with host Josh Carrott casually introducing Korean food to his British friends who never experienced Korean food before or too afraid to try on their own. Now, the channel covers overall Korean culture and the trendy places in Korea. The channel has gained attention to Hollywood stars in the form of short interviews. The stars featured in the channel have included the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, and Ryan Reynolds.

Josh and Ollie have been continuously promoting Korean food and culture to foreign audiences due to its popularity.

In the beginning, Ollie Kendal was hardly seen but sometimes heard in the videos but rather more in charge of filming and editing. As the name of the channel suggests, Josh Carrott, an English man who is very much accustomed to the Korean Customs/Culture and Language is the main host of the show. However, since Ollie has started to be more comfortable learning Korean has started to appear more often and is now co-hosting many of the videos if not all.

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