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Jolly is Awesome!

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How Jolly do you have to be? Well, Jolly is Awesome!

Youtube, the site you can broadcast yourself has in the past, made virtual unknown individuals and groups into celebrities. Thank you for all the entertainment from all of us. On that note here is a review of a channel you should check out: Jolly

So, now the two guys who make up “the Jolly Channel” are two guy friends out of London, the UK has a knack for the snacks, best burger, and the occasional weird stuff like eating insects. Other than the insects, the banter is fun.

Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal met by pure chance at the university they attended. Good thing too, because they are fantastic together and apart.

Both Josh and Ollie are married. This isn’t the only channel (review: Korean Englishman) on YouTube.

Ollie, just in the past two years, has a first-child named Juno (channel is now playing a small series featuring the little one). Ollie’s wife Lizzie appears on the channel on occasion, as does Josh’s wife Gabbie Kook (who has her own channel too).

Fans are called Jollybean’s. They send to the hosts from worldwide locations, snacks, military rations, and the hotter, the better Ramayan noodles your tummy can handle; the guys do it. Snacks they enjoy, especially Oreo cereal, sweets, and of course, fire noodles. Military rations have done several episodes from different places: Korean, French, and Russian.

Ollie has been learning Korean (South) from Josh (Korean Englishman) from the start of the series.

They guys are fantastic together. The level of information they give about visiting England (London) isn’t as exhaustive as one would like. They’re not giving you the full tour (penny tour, or is that a pound or quid? Don’t know).

I highly recommend you find the channel for a good laugh.





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