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Is 2020 the year of Vision?

Last updated on February 23, 2020

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It’s now 2020, what does this number mean to most humans? Vision twenty-twenty vision for starters. So what are your New Year’s resolutions? Gym memberships for losing weight?  New Job, Car, Home or maybe a Boat?

Let us know what your resolutions are?

My new vision for my new year’s resolutions is to eat better that will help in losing weight, work more consistently on this blog and start my podcast that will add to the blog.

Twenty-nineteen has been an unexpected and disappointing year for most American History. America has been dealing with President Donald Trump and issues like Mexican and other illegals seeking asylum and being deported without their children, and finally the racial-religious hate campaigns. Great Britain dealing with similar racial-religious hate campaigns and Brexit as well.

In twenty-nineteen we also grew more aware of homelessness and the national problem of the issue. Home prices have jumped in the major populations where work in non-technology based areas that affectively have made the “American Dream” homeownership is now not possible.

The new Vision for 2020, for America, a new President, and Senators, affordable Health Care, and a Federal minimum wage increase. For British friends, the hope is that Brexit could be over and done with. The other is the most extreme is a better understanding of the hate crimes (LGBTQ), racial and religious hate crime rise in all nations and find a resolution. This is a Vision.

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