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Immigration: America’s need for Ellis Island

Last updated on December 9, 2019

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America’s Immigration Issue. A bold twentieth-century new idea on a budget.

Administrations of the United States and other countries admit they have each an unhealthy issue of illegal immigration. Several ideas on how to slow the masses include a controversial wall structure between the USA and the Mexican borders. As a concerned citizen who loves to read and research, I believe I have formulated a new, budget-friendly approach to Immigration possibly world-wide.

In the year twenty-nineteen with various mega businesses in technology, by and large, working with A.I. or Artificial Intelligence this is our solution. The tech industry could pretty much make this a much easier and painless process. Behold. This is America’s new Ellis Island.

Ellis Island, New York

Have you ever done a video interview like via Skype? So, what about at the same table?

Let Me explain it this way; what if you have an Immigration Official (with a video monitor) and an Applicant for Admission to say the US (also with a video screen). The problem is how do you conduct an interview someone that you may not speak their language?

One solution is the A.I. services known as Google Translate or Microsoft’s Translator. These are more desktop solutions and really not all that one on one. Handheld devices such as a two way, handheld translator with over sixty plus language compatibility, the two-way translations are the most practical of what I’m proposing. Similar devices like the Jarvisen are around $90 to $500 on Amazon.com.

So, how can this be implemented effectively and within a budget your asking? Around the world, in particular, the United States has offices (Embassy’s). They would be completely unintimidating, welcoming with a device carrying staff able to walk them through the immigration process, like answer questions and rules and regulations in their languages. Most of these offices may already have the room to start the process. So if we have the spaces, we don’t need to scout out or lease another real estate block. This is Big Savings.

Who do we hire for these centers? The pool of potential employees from the Embassy have spouses and other loved ones living with them as the country of embassy location maybe still unfamiliar to them. A job closer to the embassy is more ideal and practical.

Make no mistake the handheld devices are going to cost a whole lot of cash. Using the most expensive device found for example at $500 each per unit, times 30 units (extra on hand), times One Hundred Seventy-Eight Embassies = Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand or to round up Three Million Dollars just to add the extra units. In comparison, the Department of Homeland Security estimated, in February 2017, that the proposed controversial border wall would cost $21.6 billion and take 3.5 years to build.

Learning to communicate, understanding the why, and compassion to the why with the use of handheld translation devices is a far less expensive and time-consuming venture to slowing or even controlling illegal immigration. We have touted that the technology we live with is of the best quality ever. Using that tech to reach across the land to assist people looking for a better life for themselves and families is what we all want.

This is just an idea. A new Ellis Island or at least a beacon of hope.





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