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How To: Coffee and How to make a good cup of joe

Last updated on November 25, 2019

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For millions of people, coffee is the number one must-haves to go with your breakfast or alone. Coffee lovers rejoice that others like you can’t stop loving coffee in the morning, then you’ll be excited to know that there are other ways to brew your morning cup of joe. Mmm.

In this article, I will present our top tips and tricks for brewing coffee. Enjoy your next cup of joe!

1. Buy fresh whole bean coffee

Fresh is always best; coffee beans are no different. Most grocery stores and specialty shops that have whole beans allow you to grind your coffee there at the store. Your fresh ground coffee goes pretty quickly. Fresh is best for a great brew.

Store your coffee in the freezer. It will keep it the freshest.

2. Pure Clean Water

Clean freshwater from bottles or your filtered door water system to start is the best for a great brewed coffee in the morning.

3. Clean your coffee pots

A clean coffee pot is the best for a tasty brew. If you have hard water that is known in your home to leave a “ring” around your glassware, then you will need to descale your coffee machine regularly.

Lightly filtered water (refrigerator door) will be perfect.

The perfect brewing temperature of the water used is critical. It should be between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C). The closer to 205 F (96 C), the better. Newer machines get near or close to these temps. Don’t use boiling water; it will burn the coffee!

4. Measure your coffee grounds

Figure out how many scoops of the coffee you measure out is going to be the strongest, and which one is the weakest. The goal is to get a great coffee experience without weakening it or making it too strong for your tastes.

Use a coffee scoop (https://amzn.to/35A5F6h  *bloggingbee may receive a commission from this link ). A scoop should hold two tablespoons of coffee grounds, which is approximately 10 grams or 0.36 ounces. So, here is the math; you should use two tablespoons or one scoop of ground coffee for every six (6) fluid ounces of water.

5. Pour Over

If you prefer to do the Pour Over method, it requires the use of filter paper and a funnel to brew the coffee grounds. Tip: dampen the filter paper so that it the funnel it stays in place. This tip’s goal is to reduce the likelihood of getting that papery/cardboard like taste in your cup. With the pre-wetting of the paper, you rid of that papery taste, meaning you’ll still have a great-tasting cup of joe.

When you’re brewing your cup of coffee with this method, use caution, pour the hot (just short of boiling) water over the grounds in a circular motion, so the coffee slowly appears in the pot. Slowly pour more water over the grounds. Allow it to take its time to seep, and then wait for the coffee to collect at the bottom of the cup or pot.*bloggingbee may receive a commission from this link https://amzn.to/2qE8AvC

6. Flavored coffees

There are several coffee flavorings available, including flavored creamers and syrups. There is no exact science for the novice coffee lover to use to make a great tasting flavored coffee except experiment.

Enjoy!   =)

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