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Fasting and Diabetes

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This is not going to be a fun post to write. I have been reading about fasting lately and the claims of weight loss and diabetes. I have concerns. My health, my well being, and how I manage my own diabetes.

First, I want to say before anything else. Please talk to your primary care doctor about what your thinking before you truly harm yourself. Yeah, you had good intentions, but what you don’t realize is your situation may differ from the creator of a program you like. End of the sermon

I personally have type 2 diabetes. Non-insulin dependencies. Woohoo! No needles.

The recent posts on online magazines about fasting is a little unnerving. We all need food. It’s the body’s energy lifeline. For diabetics, we are already taught through different programs aimed at our management to eat.

We are told we should eat small meals throughout the day. Now, some of these tv doctors, sports, and entertainment personalities are saying “fasting is good for you,” “helps you focus,” and lose weight.

Fasting is usually a last resort option for some people. It’s not for everyone.  Going by the word of a tv doctor, or a celebrity that you can’t have a one-on-one consultation with is not a very good idea. It’s a bad idea all around.

The idea of fasting to lose weight sounds easy. Have you ever seen someone lose weight by fasting? If you can lose weight and good for you. There is a drawback to losing weight too fast that never seems to come up. I am, and it’s not pretty. Brace yourself. The loose skin effect.

Let me explain. When you lose weight too fast for those who don’t know, your skin could not become tight. It’s that flabby arms look. Gobble Gobble.  Yeah, look at the skin swing. Eeeek! It’s not pretty on a woman and not on a man either.

I want to point out that some of us who continue to struggle with our weight issues are less fortunate. Especially for the ones who have become excessively overweight and losing weight the Gobble look is a sign it’s working, but a little to fast. I have a friend who had to have surgery to have excess skin removed because her plan worked, but her metabolism went “woohoo!”.

When you lose weight gradually and with a good exercise that goes along with a diet plan your skin will stay tight and the Gobble look isn’t as evident as just losing weight so drastically. Again, every body type is totally different.

So, as a fellow overweight, always struggling eater and diabetic, in my opinion, talk to your doctor about whatever plan you would like to try “first.”  For the love of Pete, please don’t see the doctor in the ER (Emergency Room). Please eat. Eat three or four small meals. Wholesome meals. Not full-on meals. these are small plate-like; half a sandwich/half-size salad or soups. Find some low calorie/carbohydrate (check labels) under 20 is best if you can bread at the market for a good sandwich or toast.

Walking around your neighborhood (don’t push yourself too hard, you get tired it’s time to go home!). Join the gym especially if it’s nasty outside (rain/snow); treadmills and ellipticals machines are very friendly.

Fasting to me is dangerous. It makes you focus on eating. If you have no self-control and when you are already at the diabetic, heart disease, high cholesterol zone when you get to mealtime you cram it all in. Not good!


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