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Corona Depression Number Nineteen

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Corona Depression Number Nineteen

It sure has been a while at the keyboard to write a blog post. Since being in the lockdown, it was starting fine and going to my nine to five jobs away from blogging: week one, two, and then now eight or more. I’m so done.  It’s not about the inconvenience like going out to eat or getting a haircut. First of all, I can cook, and the second is that I am bald.  It’s the watching of the news reports day after day, both local, national, and international news organizations.

Cute Quarantine Sayings

I really didn’t want to write or mention anything about President Donald Trump in this new story. You have too. He’s the main reason for America’s non-testing, lack of supplies, and the deaths of innocent people. The man can’t make his damn mind up. His administration has screwed this up royally and wants to blame former President Obama for which he hasn’t been in office for three or more years. I can only say this: What the f—k ever dude; you own this.

A few weeks ago, I had gotten sick myself. Headache, vomiting with blood, feeling like I could die at any moment. I went to the emergency room, as suggested by my primary care. I spent six hours in the E.R. and got some fluids in me. Only to be told “no corona,” but you’re dehydrated. How do they know? I was never tested for Corona. You have to be virtually dead to get a test.

A good friend who retired lives in Arizona; you know that place gets up to one hundred twenty in the summer. He wants me to consider moving back to Arizona. I had lived with him before. He’s getting older; he’s lonely, and he has been having some health issues. We had been in discussion before the COVID-19 started. I’m scared to move there because I don’t want to give it to him. If he got it, he gets sick and dies from it. It would hurt me something indescribable.

Lately, now that we are now having to wear masks; It’s strange to me. I used to look at the newsreels and think how funny the Asians look wearing masks on a sunny day.  The joke is now on me. Maybe in a lot of ways, some people thought the same. In the States, wearing a mask was only used to identify who is sick. Now everyone is wearing one. Damn it, it just makes me look triple ugly now. I’m bald with a round head and face.

I’ve gained weight. I was already a hefty guy. Now, I’ve packed on a few more pounds, and if I keep it up, I’ll be ready for winter, or they will need a bigger oven to cremate me. Sorry to be morbid. If I moved the stomach fat to my chest area, I’d be a size A or a B at least (construction worker whistles). Yeah, whatever buddy.

At the moment and the very least, I have this blog. I have something to air my frustrations out. I hope everyone can find the there best way to air out the negatives and not bottle them up inside.  It’s great to be back.

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