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Posts published in “LGBTQ”

Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Transgender and Questioning

Pope Francis now Supports Civil Unions for LGBTQ 0 (0)

Spread the lovePope Francis now Supports Civil Unions for LGBTQ This is fall over news from the Vatican. Pope Francis has now said He Supports the Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples. Quoted as saying, “If this a public recognition that same-sex couples deserve — and the church will no longer…

What Body are You? The Bear Man 0 (0)

Spread the loveHairy Men, Big Bellies, Hairy beyond belief and Testosterone levels beyond belief…Gurr! So what is a bear?  A bear is a Hairy Man. Slightly hairy men. In basic terms, if you have hair on the Back, Shoulders, Legs, and not necessarily on the top of one’s head (you…

Gender Pronouns and now I’m Confused 0 (0)

Spread the loveI have never been the best at using pronouns or just nouns for that matter at school and now at work. I’m so confused as to what or how to respond to anyone whether they are a Him/He, She or They. So, what are you talking about that…