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Book Review-Revenge at Sea by Brian O’Sullivan

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Revenge at Sea by Brian O’Sullivan- the heartbeat of a free press gets more than he bargained for.

If you are a huge fan of murder, mystery, and thrillers your in for a treat. More than that it’s a rollercoaster ride in your chair. Careful, now not to knock over your coffee, tea or treats! This book will give your whiplash. It’s exciting from the beginning to the very last word produced on the page.

Revenge At Sea
Revenge At Sea by Brian O’Sullivan

Our lead character embodies the newsman in a California town East of San Francisco, with the desire and hunger for something bigger and more exciting than petty theft stories. He wants to show his worthiness to readers that he knows his stuff. He knows it, but it’s gone to his head.

From the moments of his fortieth birthday celebration to moments he wished he almost was never born, you feel his desire and hunger. You also feel his pain, anger, and frustrations. You want to jump up and down, point your finger in his face ” what the hell where you thinking?” to “No, no, no..! WHAT! WAIT! NO! AHH!. You Fool!!

Brian O’Sullivan delivers a story of a newspaperman wanting to be more, doing more, but at what price. This story will have you munching on your crackers and cheese or Milk and Cookies at any moment you’re going to spill it all. It’s a story that moves you. From the feeling of being on the other side of the looking glass as a law enforcement officer, the accused, the victim, and what not to do. Sometimes, you should just let it be.

If you’re a California born and bred reader or to someone who knows California well, you’ll see areas mentioned in the story bringing up your own memories. San Francisco, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and Oakland. Those were the days. This story will draw you in.

I highly recommend this read to anyone wanting an armchair rollercoaster ride. Whether it be the hard or digital copy “Revenge At Sea” will be your ticket.

–Reviewed by John Christner CEO Bloggingbee.com

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