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Australia: Climate Disaster at Earth’s Bottom

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In recent month’s Australia, the land down under closest to the bottom of the earth has been hit without mercy. Climate Change has become the trending word in Australia’s most populous cities. The hardest hit and lost to fires-climate devastation.  Sadly, the people all but can’t turn an eye to the calamity. The sky has turned red over a country that has not seen considerable rain when needed in the most vulnerable areas.

The habitats of not only humans but over five-hundred million animals or more have been killed or displaced. The standing of eight-thousand plus Koala Bears has been killed so far. Just the numbers are staggering beyond comprehension.

For the wildlife, the water supply that already is baron will further become a sandpit which could drive animals that would normally be seen in the “bush” will be looking for food and water closer to the “bushes” in front yards of humans who with good reason should be scared. Australia’s outback areas have been dry. Very dry. The rainwater hasn’t been as plentiful as it has been. Groundwater and aquifers have all but vanished. The prospect of seeing dangerous, cute and cuddly animals in your yard foraging for food and water is overwhelming and dis concerning.

The growth rate of Australia has been set to go up over the next ten to twenty years by three percent. The wildfires have possibly diminished that growth outlook. Financially, for humans, this means job creation and retention is cut short. The human population is mobile-ready for catastrophe. If needed we can find, build and harness the water table for years to come. Sadly, even for the humans who populate the continent of Australia, the water table has become elusive or just impossible to find. For Australia, mercilessly, Mother Nature has taken its frustrations out on the continent near the Earth’s bottom. Climate Change the word going around and with good reason. This could also be a climate reclamation, a reorder of business.



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