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Arctic Melting and Ocean Currents a Change

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If you haven’t been up on the headlines about political issues or any of that kind of thing; Antarctica just had its warmest of about 65 degrees in February! You are probably thinking if you didn’t know any better “oh, they’re getting an early spring”. Antarctica should not be 65 degrees really ever. The ’20s and ’30s for a high are almost reasonable degree points.

Antarctica, by and large, is a desolate landscape of IceCaps and Glacier formations. The continent plays a pivotal role in the makeup of Ocean Currents and Weather formations across the globe. The weather that we enjoy is greatly developed by what is going on in Antarctica. Science has been hammered in the most recent years by people who have no academic understanding of what its about and why we as humans should be concerned about these changes.

Our housing, electricity, and food all are affected by what happens with the weather. Famine occurs when there is no water or too much rain or flooding has occurred. The thought that an early spring means you can plant sooner than later could also mean it would be more humid, hot and muggy. This also means more bugs like mosquitos and other bacteria can form on food supply or in your gardens.

Everyone loves the beaches. The homes on the beach or at the beach. The oceans could rise in the next couple of centuries by as much as ten feet. Ten Feet! Places like Florida, the Texas Coast, West Coast of California and Oregon, and the Carolina’s would have floating homes due to this ocean rise.

We would also see more focus on being charged for water at unspeakable rates due to the cost of having to make water from lakes because in some locations water is completely unavailable from lack of rain or runoff from the snow.

It is within this opinion that if you are a non-believer in the global warming issues and you have not been reading or listening to the opinion of academic experts on global warming and what this all means for you, your children and grandchildren. I think you should consider a boat. You just might need it.

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