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7 Tips for a Clean Fridge

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7 Tips for a Clean Fridge


There’s a forgotten appliance in your kitchen that is open like an everyday seven-eleven, and that is the refrigerator. Mr. Fridge is one of the most used appliances of your kitchen that often is the most forgotten until it starts to smell. However, you definitely would want to clean it, especially before any major holiday or event. It will likely be the center of activity, namely storing your food. The proper and thorough cleaning of the fridge doesn’t need to feel like an all-day event. So by implementing these seven step-by-step instructions, the process of getting the job done quite quickly:

First: Clear your working space; Make sure that you have enough free counter spaces. The parts of the fridge that you will be using in the sink, so you want the sink clear too. Keep the garbage can clear just in case you need to dispose of that forgotten leftover.

Second; Empty the contents; Empty the fridge and freezer of all contents. This is a good time to start the organization of food groups. It will help you put your food together in such a way so that you can put it back in with ease.
Dirty bottles of Sauces and Salad dressings; give a quick rinse in the sink. Now, it is a great time to check expiration dates.

Next; Remove the trays and bins; rays If you have a big sink; fill the sink with warm soapy water and soak them there. If not, just put some water in and let them soak. Give a good scrub. While you have the door open, take note if any bulbs need replacements and when was the water dispenser filter changed.

Next up!; Clean all the interior surfaces; Now, you have the fridge free of all food items. With a damp cloth, look for any stains or leaks that might have happened.

If you are able to don’t forget the condenser coils in the back or below, if you can’t, don’t worry. Otherwise, bring out your vacuum for the condenser coils. Dust usually builds up there, so may want to consider it. The refrigerator will run less efficiently and possibly give out when you least expect it. Vacuuming the area is simple. Again, you may need to move the unit so that you expose the coils for better cleaning. Use this opportunity to clean the floor underneath the fridge as well.

Almost there. Its time to reorganize Mr. Fridge. Once you are done with the cleaning, it is time to reassemble your fridge. Take this time to rearrange shelves and the crispers.
Now, stock up the fresh food; the restocking with fresh food is perhaps the greatest reward you can get after cleaning the fridge. Make a list of what you need and go shopping.
Hopefully, by following most or if not all of these steps to clean your fridge was not an as difficult task as you thought. You will find that a clean fridge, in fact, guarantees your food will be stored in a cleaner and healthier environment.

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